Trading Places: On track (Thursday, November 19th, 2009)

Man, I suck at keeping up at this thing!  Quick recap:
Lifted on Saturday for an hour
Monday: Didn’t go to bootcamp, but since I didn’t work that day, we got in plenty of walking.
Tuesday: didn’t work out…
Wednesday: Matt killed me.  I felt great during all of it UNTIL he made me use the new tube thingy that we have.  I felt/rediculous. Glad I could make Matt laugh.  Ugh… Hate that thing (at least when I use it… I love when my clients work out with it!) I got in 45 min of cardio and called it a workout.
Thursday: one hour of high intense cardio. 20 min of it were sprints… I will be hurting tomorrow.
Tomorrow morning is bootcamp, then cardio afterwards.
I told Matt I have 4 weeks until my B-day.  I don’t care about my age, but I said I wanted to be in my best shape ever when I do turn a year older.  That includes diet.  So, other than my post workout chocolate milk, I’ve cut all “non-natural” sugars out of my diet.  If it has sugar, and it isn’t fruit, I’m not eating it.  I’m REALLY cleaning it up and I’m mentally very serious about it.  4 weeks.. Really, not too bad. 
I find I do the best when I write everything down, so I am keeping track on my Blackberry.  That way, I always have it on me and I can log as I’m going along with my day.  I’m reading a lot of fitness related books/magazines, that way my mind is always set on my goal and it works at motivation as well.  Also, I’ve gotten back in the mindset, that food is for fuel, not fun.. And that’s really important these days during the holidays.
We too, as trainers, must practice what we preach… Grrrr…
Until tomorrow,
Kimberly at Emerge Fitness