What goals do you hope to meet while working with your trainer and MOST Important, what motivated you to begin this fitness/weight loss program? 
     My ultimate goal in working out with Beth is obviously weight loss/maintenance, but also overall improved fitness.  While I’ve always struggled with my weight & had lost weight before, I noticed how significantly my body changed this time in working out with my trainer.  I was fitting into clothes again at a higher weight than I had previously.  Also, the accountability really helps keep me honest & driven towards my goals.  I really feel as though Beth has taken on my goals as her own & really cares to see me succeed.  Also, I’ve always felt like she understands some of my struggles with food & eating, so she provides invaluable counseling as well as personal fitness training.  Overall, I began this fitness/weight loss program because I had struggled on my own in the past & was struggling to get myself back under control last year.  I had gained weight & was just not in a good place physically or emotionally.  At Emerge, I saw the potential to not only lose weight & hopefully keep it off, but to establish relationships that would give me the support to reach my goals & make fitness a lifestyle…not just an extracurricular activity.
 How much weight have you lost thus far? 
 Plus or minus 30 pounds (depends on where I’m fluctuating, as you know.  I’d like to make it well over 30 lbs here in the near future.
 Specifically, what did/are you doing to meet goals?
 Cardio workouts  4-5 times per week (35-40 minutes each time)
 I work out with Beth partner training once a week, boot camp 1-2 times per week.
An example of my diet:
         – 1 pkg instant oatmeal
         – 1 light yogurt
 Mid Morning Snack:
         – 1 light string cheese
         – 1 whole wheat english muffin
         – 1 deli turkey & cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread
                 (2 slices Healthy Life Bread, 2 oz deli turkey, 1 slice fat free cheese, mustard)
         – 1 piece fruit (apple, orange, other type of fruit)
         – 1 chicken quesadilla
                 (2 oz grilled chicken w/ fajita seasoning, 2 whole wheat tortillas, 3 fat free   cheese singles)
         – Broccoli (6 oz)
         – Corn
 What are some of the biggest lifestyle changes you have made since starting your fitness journey?

         I maintain a file where I write down what I eat & track the total calories I consume in a day.  Often, I plan out my day’s meals in advance as much as possible so I know if I think I have room to work in an extra snack in the afternoon or something like that.
       I realize that it doesn’t have to be a “free for all”.  Last year, I was actually right in the middle of my weight loss journey when Thanksgiving rolled around.  I enjoyed turkey, made my own mashed potatoes with skim milk & without butter, was able to enjoy the green bean casserole (basically just green beans & mushroom soup in my family), and even made a Jello no-bake cheesecake as light as possible & enjoyed a piece of it with sugar free cherry pie filling.  I didn’t feel deprived at all.  While this year I’m really maintaining my weight more than trying to lose, I’m still planning to make the cheesecake & enjoy that rather than some other dessert.  I realize that I can make concessions for myself in some areas while still maintaining control in others…and I’ll be much more pleased with myself at the end of the day.  It’s not just the food that I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving! In fact, there is so much more that I’m more thankful for…and this year (as well as last), I would definitely add Emerge Fitness & Beth Pirtle high on that list!!

beth before

Beth when starting her Emerge program.

beth pic

Beth on her way to her goal.