This is day 140 of my pregnancy and day 1 of my pregnancy journal.  I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and estimated due date July 4, 2010.  This is my first pregnancy and up until the moment I got that positive test I was always scared of the horror pregnancy symptoms I have always heard and wondering if that was really going be me.  I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks right in the middle of watching Marley and Me.  The movie made me sad of the trials of life and it hit me at that moment that I was a little late for my monthly visitor.  That afternoon it all began.
A little history about myself I am 30 years old and been married to my best friend for three years this June.  Matt  and I opened our business the following week of our wedding and starting a family at that time was not a possibility.  With running a business and me being a full time personal trainer the thought of being pregnant has always been a fear.  I went into this pregnancy with the plan to be as healthy and comfortable as possible so I could maintain all current responsibilities as a trainer and business owner.  Sometimes having comfortable pregnancies are out of women’s control but the things that we can control are diet and exercise.    I have been preaching this for 8 years now to my pregnant clients and still to this day believe diet is number 1.  I have always had the theory of high carbohydrate and low protein intake during pregnancy can cause a lot of morning sickness and nausea.  High carbohydrate and low protein will cause blood sugar drops, which in return will cause nausea.  I was so excited to put this to test for myself.  It was always hard telling a pregnant client about pregnancy and diet and the bad effects of certain foods without ever being pregnant myself.  The first few weeks of my pregnancy were interesting trying to understand my body and what exactly was happening.  I never experienced the morning sickness or extreme nausea but the one thing I did experience was the lack of an appetite.  I never thought food would sound gross to me because I love to eat and look forward to every meal and that was changing.  I did realize that overeating really made me feel sick to my stomach so I quickly controlled the amount of food I was eating at one given time.  My portions became very small for my big appetite.  I found myself eating chicken noodle soup for lunch and dinner.  I don’t eat much can food or suggest it for clients so I would make my own low sodium soup or for convenience I would eat organic low sodium soup from a can.  This lasted for 9 weeks but with the control of my diet I never felt sick.  My diet was pretty simple and I kept it the same everyday.
6am-Isopure Protein shake + half banana
9am- Cascade Fresh yogurt
11am-Trader Joe berry almond mix or green apple
12pm (lunch)- Can of organic low sodium soup
3pm- Isopure protein shake or banana + Peanut butter
5pm- Kashi bar or Zone protein bar
7pm- (dinner) more soup or if it sounded good Lean meat, vegetable, and a salad
 Don’t think I am a 7-day a week perfect eater because I am not.  Monday-Friday at noon (my work week) is my routine and that is when I eat as healthy as possible and the weekends is when I give myself more freedom while still making sure that I get enough protein and not go a long time without eating.  My goal was not to loose weight while pregnant but again I ate the foods that I found to not make me feel sick.  I recall when I was about 7 weeks pregnant Matt and I had a long workday and went out after work to one of our favorite places and split a big plate of nachos.  I paid for it with heartburn the next morning and felt miserable at work all morning.  Needless to say that put an end to that kind of eating.  I learned quickly and controlled my diet every chance I got.  Luckily I was not one of those that gained more than 10lbs in my first trimester.  At our 15-week appointment I had gained 4lbs. 
 I have trained many women through their entire pregnancy’s up until the day of delivery so I have had a lot of experience in designing exercise programs for women and now its my turn.  My doctor told me “there is nothing you can do to hurt the baby unless you get in a fight and get beat up.”  I now think about this every time I exercise.  The first 12 weeks is when you want to be the most careful with exercise.  This is when your body is doing a lot of changing and manufacturing a human life.  I did take it easy the first 12 weeks.  I love to run and I decided for the first 12 weeks to do a run/walk program and the days I was not feeling it I would do the elliptical.  I have two running partners and they did not like this news but I made sure that we still got out and did fast brisk walking with a little running.  They still got to sniff mailboxes and light post and spot the occasional bunny so they were happy.  I find it crucial pregnant or not to always use a heart rate monitor while doing cardiovascular training.  Caridovascular training while pregnant is great for the mom and baby but very important that your heart rate is lower than what you would typically train at non-pregnant.  I keep my heart rate between 145-150 bpm.  Once I got passed those first 12 weeks I went back to my running program.  I want to continue to run while I can because I know at some point in the 3rd trimester I will have to go back to lower impact cardio.  I have been running for years and know that running would not cause any harm to my baby.  I try to get in 4-5 days a week of cardio for 30 min in my heart rate zone.  I also still continue my resistance training and stretching program about 3 times a week.  That includes a  core boot camp  class on Friday mornings at 8am.  It’s a great class taught by Matt and we focus on all core training. 
Along with my diet and exercise I also see my chiropractor  Dr, Marcy Cooper  once a week for an adjustment and acupuncture.  I truly feel this has helped me.  The acupuncture that we focus on is for women and pregnancies.  There are days that my energy is greater than before being pregnant.  Fatigue is a very common symptom of pregnancy and that is one thing that I can say being pregnant has not slowed me down or made working miserable. This could de due to the fact that I am eating very good and frequent exercise but I know a big part of it is the adjustments and acupuncture. 
I want to share all of my wonderful experiences for the next 20 weeks and talk about all the great things about being pregnant and the things that we can control, diet and exercise.  I never thought I would love being pregnant.  It has been a wonderful experience so far and can’t wait for the next 4-½ months.  Thanks to my wonderful husband who is always encouraging me and making it a great experience together.
Angie Pirtle
Emerge Fitness Training