Achieving a goal. Be Process Oriented.

After setting realistic fitness goals, both long and short term, it is important to keep yourself accountable along the way with control over those things you CAN control.
No matter what you set out to achieve, your focus should not be laser focused only on attaining your ultimate goal (i.e. losing 30 lbs.)  This is called a goal focused outlook.  Although aspiration to achieve an ultimate goal is the catalyst for beginning a program in the first place, a focus on the process is a far more rewarding path.  
You can CONTROL the process.  Everything that, in combination, actually produces the desired outcome can be programmed and manipulated (a sound nutritional plan, a cardiovascular program, resistance training, etc).  The outcome is the sum of all of these controlled behaviors.
Setting short term goals on the way to an ultimate goal is a great way to stay process focused while having the satisfaction of achieving several “wins” on the way to an ultimate goal (i.e. losing 3 lbs. every 2 weeks).
It’s the day to day process that will eventually lead to where you want to be.  Control those variables, set and achieve several smaller goals along the way, and enjoy the process of reaching your goal.
Matt Pirtle
Emerge Fitness Training
St. Charles, Missouri