Confessions of a Chocoholic!

Week 2…and already I have confessions and lessons learned!
Let’s start with the confessions first because that will lead to the lessons learned!
So…I was working out with Matt the other day and I felt compelled to confess something…
We always sit and discuss my diet and workouts, since the previous training session, before training.  This is what it sounded like:  “So Maria, tell me what you’ve been doing in the past couple of days; how do you feel?”  “Well Matt, I’ve been doing great!  I’ve done two spinning classes and two weight lifting classes!”  “That’s awesome Maria!  You’re really steppin’ it up!  How has your diet been?”  “It’s been pretty good, Matt.  I’ve been eating a balanced breakfast, keeping my snacks healthy, and taking my vitamins daily…AND…Well……I ate some little chocolate Easter eggs at work!” (I said it very fast hoping he wouldn’t hear it!)  His reply; “What!?  Who would bring those in to work and temp you like that?  My reply; ”Um…Me?”  I was shocked he didn’t know the culprit was me in the first place!  LOL!!!  Then, in a lighter confession, I also revealed that I would’ve eaten fried chicken too if they hadn’t already run out of it in the cafeteria!  I still daydreamed about how wonderful it would’ve tasted…and apparently, that’s enough to get you a few extra reps during a training session!  LOL!  Just kidding…but not really… 
Matt said something really powerful to me when I was working out.  As I worked hard to finish the last few reps, I said; “I wish I hadn’t sabotaged myself like that. I could be that many calories lighter.”  He said; “You’re absolutely right! Think of it this way…you can never get that time back…” (LIGHTBULB!!!)  I always thought of that statement in ways that pertained to life in general…not in fitness and calorie terms, but he’s right! I have the choice to A) Do something that makes a difference, or B) Do something I’ll regret and can never take back…at least not without 30 minutes of cardio! LOL!  Lesson learned!  I’m going to do something to make a difference!  On a side note:  Another lesson learned…don’t sass your trainer or you’ll get ten extra reps!
Another week down!  Three pounds gone!  I feel great AND people are already starting to notice a change and cheer me on!  WooHoo!!!  I’m sooo excited!
So here’s the BIG GOAL!  You ready?…I’m GOING to do a body building competition!  It’s time to push it to the limit!  READY…SET…GO!!!…
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