David Fielder Inspirational Weight Loss Testimonial

What can I say, I’m the classic yo-yo dieter that loses and gains 20 lbs every two or three years except when I gain it was always 10 lbs more than I had lost.    Over several years I went from 225 to 291lbs.    “You’re Obese” were the exact words the doctor used to give me a reality check.    The other reality checks came when I was at home climbing my stairs and I would lose my breath.   A big one was the day I was trying to teach my oldest son how to ride a bike.   After just 10 minutes of jogging with him I thought I was going to have a heart attack!    I had to do something but it had to be something different than all the other times. Something that would guarantee I would get my health back.
The most powerful forces that ensure your success in anything are ACCOUNTABILITY and BELIEF.     Nothing else matters because if these two critical factors are in place everything else will happen automatically.
Left to my own discipline and accountability I had gained 50lbs so I knew I couldn’t trust “me” anymore.    I needed an external factor that would make sure I did what I needed to do when I needed to do it EVERY time.
Enter the miracle workers – Emerge Fitness Training.     There are so many reasons why I lost weight with their help.    They helped me gain the two forces of ACCOUNTABILITY and BELIEF.
When I train with Angie and Matt I know every workout has a purpose of making me healthier and more fit.    If you KNOW what your doing has been prescribed by an expert you believe in it more and you put more into it.    If a professional trainer puts together a plan to help you achieve a goal you will always believe in it more than any plan you come up with on your own therefore you STICK WITH IT!  For me to lose the weight I wanted to lose I had to BELIEVE in the process I was using  to lose the weight.    That belief was in place the very first workout at Emerge.
The biggest reason why I feel anyone who seriously wants to lose weight should take advantage of Emerge Fitness is ACCOUNTABILITY.    Every diet I have tried in the past I would do well for one or two weeks then fall off the wagon one day or one weekend.   It was these “fall off the wagon” moments that would cause me to quit and binge eat for a month or more.      To me, this was the biggest reason I could not lose this weight by myself.   If you are not naturally disciplined, it is virtually impossible to do it by yourself.
I’ve been with Emerge for 4 months and I’ve had some “fall of the wagon” moments on the weekends.    I get the feeling of guilt and lower self esteem and I start to want to binge and say the hell with it, then I think “I have to see  Angie Monday and I’ve already paid for 10 sessions.”   When you have to answer to someone who is working closely with you to achieve your goal you don’t want to disappoint them.     Add to that the fact that you have spent some money to get their help and it creates the ultimate accountability factor!
As a “former” fat guy I know if you are wanting to lose weight and are reading this you are going to look for every reason not to do it.    I have two children and in the final analysis I made the choice to invest the time and money into training for them.   My current lifestyle was going to rob them of years with their daddy.    When I looked at my situation through that lens I was prepared to walk through fire and pay any price.    
Those moments in the morning when you get out of the shower and you look at yourself with disgust, use that disgust and hate to motivate you to do something different.   Do something drastic and so radically different that you get your dream!
If you needed surgery to prevent you from dying you would go to the best Dr’s in the country if you could right?  No matter the cost, you would do whatever you could to get well.   Essentially, if you are overweight and are not exercising you are slowly dying.   The Dr’s you need are at Emerge waiting to help you save your life today!
Thanks Matt and Angie for giving me my life back.    I no longer view myself as the funny fat guy, but a funny fit guy!
Angie Pirtle
Emerge Fitness Training Saint Charles, MO