Who me?…Noooo…

Well…the results are in!!!
After working with Matt, for one month, toward my goal; I have lost 7lbs and 2% body fat!!!  WhooHoo!  More than just the measurements…I FEEL great!  Though this is only the beginning, it’s a good one!
As you’ve read…I’ve had a lot of fried hurdles to jump, LOL.  This past week, we celebrated the month’s birthdays, in my office, with a festive food table; packed full of chips, dips, and treats!  Keep in mind that I sit about two feet away from this table!  I came in that morning totally unprepared (mentally, that is) for the cookies and donuts and cakes…Oh My!  Thank goodness someone brought a veggie tray (Whew!)…I know, I was thinkin’ that too…dip the veggies in the dip!…Actually, I was a good girl!  I gathered as many veggies as I could onto my plate, ‘cause we all know that no one was touchin’ that platter when there were donuts and cakes nearby, LOL.  After I piled on the veggies, I got a few tiny seasoned meatballs, a couple of cubes of cheese, and went back to my desk!  I was so proud of myself!  I thought of my goal and how hard I’ve been working; it just wasn’t worth it to throw it all away…I mean…really…you saw me pushin’ that tire last week!  That was tough!  One look down at those round donuts reminded me of that tire…Yikes!  However!…yes, there’s a however…I DID sniff the donuts…by that I mean, I held the box up to my face and breathed in the wonderful aroma, ahhhh…people were joking that I was trying to inhale the powered sugar, LMAO!…Who me?…Noooo…(he, he, he)
Here is a journal of what I’ve been doing this past month that has worked for me:
Mon- (5:30am) 1 hour spinning (12:30pm) Run intervals 15 min.- 30sec. 7.8mph, rest 30sec. on/off / Walk up incline of 15 for 20min.
Tue- (6:30am) Bootcamp w/ Nick (12:30pm) Run intervals 10 min.- 30sec. 7.8mph, rest 30sec. on/off / Rowing machine 20 min
Wed- (5:30am) 1 hour spinning (12:30pm) *optional* Walk up incline of 15 for 20min. (4:30pm) Train w/ Matt
Thur- (6:30am) Bootcamp w/ Nick (12:30pm) Run intervals 10 min.- 30sec. 7.8mph, rest 30sec. on/off / Rowing machine 20 min
Fri- (7:00am) Train w/ Matt
Sat- Rest *a couple of weekends I did the stair climber for 60min.*
Sun- (3:00pm) 1 hour spinning
Meal Plan:
Fairly basic, I eat right after my work out and take my multi (very important!).  Then, I space my meals out about 2 ½ hours apart.  I usually eat:  Breakfast, snack, BIG lunch, snack, SMALL dinner.  I just re-joined Weight Watchers this past week to get me on track with my calories.  It works really well for me.  Their program is in-line with what Matt asks me to do for my nutrition, so I trust it.
Keep in mind that this is just what has worked for me personally.  I choose a second cardio workout, for my lunch hour, to keep me moving throughout my workday. I try not to over-train, so I keep them somewhat light, but purposeful.  I don’t want anyone to get the impression that you have to work out two times a day to get to your goal.
This week, I took my weekly pics at the office; hence the file cabinets (lol). 
Can’t wait to see what next week brings!…