The Beatles put it best:  I get by with a little help from my friends!
So true!!!  It helps tremendously when you have the support of friends and family while you are trying to accomplish something.  Whether it’s weight loss or another goal, it is vital that the people surrounding you are aware of the goal that you are shooting for.  Sometimes people may present a hurdle to your goal without even knowing that they are doing it.  For example, your best bud might not bring you a slice of cake if they are aware that you are trying to lose weight.  Instead, they might bring you a fruit basket!…or at least split the cake with you…half the calories…get it?  Yeah, it hasn’t worked that well for me either!  LOL!
The point is this:  Don’t hide your fitness goals from others.  Trust me; it is so much easier to stay accountable and to get the support you really need when others are aware of your goal.  Make sure that you are surrounding yourself with positive people!  That is soooo important; and if you have nay-sayers, that’s okay too!…turn that negative energy into something positive!  Some of my best workouts were fueled by an “I’ll show you!” LOL
Personally, I really like attending a class or two a week and, of course, working with Matt to push me further than I would have pushed myself in a regular workout.  The great thing about a class is that there are other people that share a similar interest.  It is great to become friends with class mates; and you will whether you like it or not…there’s something bonding about a group of people almost passing out together!!! LOL!  Just kidding…but not really.  Pretty soon, those people help keep you accountable.  If you miss a class, they noticed you were gone and tell you that you were missed!  It’s great!  Same goes for having a trainer.  It’s like a buddy-system!  Both are a great ways to gain positive support.  Sometimes, just having your BFF, a co-worker, or a spouse as positive reinforcement adds a tremendous boost to your motivation!
With all the wonderful support I’ve gotten; I’m well on my way!…