I got my stride back this week!  I began with a spinning class on Monday morning.  My first instinct, after a week of not being able to workout, was to turn off my alarm and roll over and keep sleeping.  I pushed through it and got up!  I remembered how frustrated I’d been all week by not being able to workout and refused to sleep through this one!  I was a bit nervous about how my leg would respond, but more excited to get back to working toward my goal.  The class was challenging, but I made it through!  I thought to myself, “I’m back…I’m back!”
This week really gave me time to reflect on what is REALLY important to me.  This time it wasn’t me who was standing in my way, it was an injury.  Either way, it was an obstacle that I needed to overcome; and I made it!  Obstacles come in many forms; whether it’s personal/emotional, injury, or work habits.  Sometimes obstacles come in the form of people.  What ever that obstacle may be, I’ve learned how important it is to remain focused and steadfast in determination.  Last week, instead of being set-back I formed a plan to keep progressing and got set-up for the next week.  As I figured, the implementation of the workouts once again yielded results; I lost 3 pounds!  The best part…I have gone from 25% body fat to 21%!!!  Can’t wait to get into the teens!  With Matt’s professional guidance, 100% of the weight that I have lost has been body fat; I didn’t lose any lean body mass!  And there’s more!…I ran again this week!  It felt great!  I ran 22 minutes straight!…not bad for a gal with one good leg, LOL!  My next big adventure…find a bikini!  Dun Dun DUHHHH!!!!  It’s almost that time! 
Click on the exercise descriptions below to see video of each:
 Box jump/Delt Press    Stability Ball/Core    Olympic ring push-up/Alt. arm