They Don’t Call it a Journey for Nothing!

Another week down and more goals accomplished!
Ya know…I really encourage others to document their fitness journey as well.  It has been such a learning experience to be able to write down my successes and hurdles and reflect on them.  It’s kind of a fitness diary.  I’m able to see what works well for me and what hinders my success.  It’s also great to be able to look back and laugh at some of my stories and situations that were occurring that week.  A big part of it is the accountability!  The hardest person to stay accountable to is yourself!  Writing to you guys every week helps me pinpoint the areas that I’m excelling in and the areas that I need to focus on.  Plus, it motivates me to keep making progress.
 If you don’t want to do a public blog, you can keep a personal blog on your computer; just for you to see.  I highly recommend attaching progress pics, it helps a lot!  The most important thing to remember is to be kind to yourself.  Don’t judge yourself harshly as you go through the process; learn from your mistakes and bask in your success!  They don’t call it a journey for nothing!  If it were easy, they’d call it CAKE!  LOL!
This week I added some pics of my food cabinet at work.  Most people have a drawer…I have a reserve!  LOL!  As much food as there is in that cabinet, that’s nothin!  I also keep healthy entrees in the fridge at work and snacks in my purse and in my car!  I leave little room for excuse.  I have discovered that I am most proned to making caloric mistakes at work, so I always keep some snacks and meals handy just in case!  This is SUPER IMPORTANT to getting to my goal.  It is so easy to snack away at empty calorie foods not realizing that those cals add up by the end of the day.  We all have those periods throughout the day when we are mindlessly snacking on something.  True story…I can remember a few different occasions where I went to finish a snack and it was all gone and I was like “Who at all my food!”, then I realized it was me!…those times, I like to blame my inner fat girl.  Every once in a while she takes the driver’s seat!  So!…my point is, keep a just in case snack!
Well…I need smaller jeans!  Yay!  I’m so used to wearing fitted workout pants; I hadn’t put on a pair of jeans in a couple of months.  Imagine my delight when I didn’t need to use a crow bar to get into them!  I put them on and they were loose.  I needed a belt to keep them up!  Woo Hoo!  I can’t wait to see what next week brings!…