Bounce Back!

Last week was all about the bounce back!  From what you may ask?  A holiday weekend of party, party, party!  We’ve all had one of those weekends right?… The cocktails with friends…the barbecues…you know, all those things that spell disaster for the coming week!  Well, I had a great time!  However, I’m gonna have to work my butt off this week…literally! 
So naturally, at the beginning of this week, I asked myself “Why does it take a week to lose three pounds, but a couple of hours to gain them?”  The answer…???  I was hoping you knew because I have to lose the three pounds I gained last weekend, lol.  Just kidding, I know how… get moving!  And that I did!  There was just one hitch; I managed to catch a terrible cold.  So, not only did I have to work off the weekend; I also had to work through a cold.  It wasn’t easy!  Despite, I managed to get in five intense workouts.  I definitely worked off the martinis!
This week, I learned that when life hands you lemons; you use them as garnishment for your martini!… And then you get your butt to the gym!