Emerge's New Facility on Schedule

We are on week number 4 of construction of the new facility and things are going as scheduled.  Our contractor Mike Clark with Armor Construction has been putting in long hours and working hard.  The demo work and clean up is complete, the sprinkler heads have been moved up to there positions, our 2 new HVAC units have been installed and now this week it’s the electricians turn.  He will be in there most of the week getting all the lights wired and completing the rest of the electrical work that was needed.  Next phase  we will start the painting.  The ceilings and all walls will be painted about 1oo gallons of paint.  Once the paint is done the last of big projects is the FLOOR.  Yes the floor is going be a huge project.  We have 6,000 sq ft of floor to lay, which mainly consist of the heavy rubber flooring.  Along with laying the floor is all of the prep work on the concrete floors to get them ready to be laid.  This will take all of about a week to do the flooring.  After that all the small projects will begin.  We are strategically planning all of this to keep on schedule for our first day of business August 2.


Emerge Fitness Training Saint Charles, MO