How Bootcamp Scheduling and Packages Work

Bootcamp scheduling and packaging have become streamlined.
It’s pretty easy. Any package, from 10-50  can now be used INTERCHANGEABLY between all currently offered classes, no matter who the instructor or what the class emphasis is. 
The bootcamp pricing has changed as well, with a more economically feasible package cost.  Now it’s possible to attend multiple classes per week targeting a variety of fitness goals. It’s a lot more interesting than staring at a TV for 40 minutes as you walk in place. It’s a great compliment to your individual personal training hours!
Check the “Bootcamp Schedule” blog post for current class offerings and times.
50 sessions: $8 per session
30 sessions: $9 per session
20 sessions: $10 per session
10 sessions: $11 per session
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St. Charles, Missouri
Bootcamp and Personal Training