Boot Camp 101


  In recent years, the term “Boot Camp” has been thrown around as much at the word “Facebook.”Everywhere you look, fitness facilities are promoting “boot camps”. That’s great, but what exactly is it? 
     I have two “boot camps” a week, Monday & Wednesday nights at 6:30.  My classes have a 10-12 station, circuit training style setting. 
    No, I do not wear camouflage.  No, I do not have a whistle. And a bigger no, I do not rant and throw a temper tantrum like Jillian on Biggest Loser.  (I don’t need to yell to get my point across).
     My objective for my boot camps is to give you a cardiovascular workout that involves light weight endurance training.  They are not to be your only workout for the week. They are to be used to supplement your other strength training workouts and get you away from the boring treadmill.
     I love having “newbies” at boot camp.  It’s always fun adding more people to the mix.  Some of the exercises are simple, some are more complex.  If you have never worked out with a trainer, and you want to try a boot camp, I strongly suggest that you get a few sessions of one on one training, so that you learn proper form and technique.  It’s very
hard to give sole attention in a class of 10-12 people. You will also get more out of the class if you can perform the exercises with proper form.
     I do have males and females of all ages and fitness levels in my classes.  A camaraderie is formed between clients and in turn, those other clients help keep oneself accountable.
     If you’re considering taking a class, I urge you to give it a try! Check out the class schedule in our News and Events Blog section or at the front desk at Emerge.
Kimberly Renoud, Emerge Fitness