Matt Wirth Earns his USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Certification

There is so much more to power lifting for athletes than just flinging heavy weights around.
For all athletes…
First and foremost is understanding proper form and movement mechanics.  Postural problems and faulty movement patterns must be identified and rectified before engaging in complicated, often ballistic lifts.  From there you move on to program design.  This is where the “when” and “why” of a specific sports training program is addressed (a process involving more than just “lifting until you puke”, which, by the way, is a sign of faulty programming).  Knowing when to perform these lifts during the season (off season, preseason, in season periodization) is crucial to attain the desired results at the desired time.
Matt is an expert in these concepts and can help any athlete further their athletic success through proper training and programming.
Emerge Fitness Training Staff