Kerry Simpson Pre-Competition Blog (8 Weeks Out!)

February 24, 2011

I realized that I hadn’t blogged since last week, so thought I had better do an update.  Last weekend was tough.  I was supposed to start my new diet plan on Saturday.  The fact that I had my vet school interview at the University of Florida made that somewhat difficult.  Darla and I drove to Gainesville on Friday–we left at 7:00am and arrived there around 10:30pm–so that day was wasted.  Diet was fine Friday, since it was my prior meal plan.  I did take a lot of my food with me: my bananas, greek yogurt, PB&J sandwiches on Ezekiel bread and sweet potato slices.  I lost one of my sandwiches to the melted ice in the ice chest–total bummer.  Saturday was more difficult because my interview and campus tour took quite a while and I ended up over-hungry.  I admit I ate too much for dinner, and it gave me an upset stomach so it serves me right.  Sunday was better and pretty close to plan, but I forgot to tell Tim to thaw chicken and had to use soy chicken.  Oh well.  My workouts were totally messed up.  Friday was lost to driving, as was Sunday.  Saturday all I got was cardio because the hotel fitness center was crap.  After getting home, I felt crappy for a couple of days–probably because of being off plan and out of whack.  I finally got back in the gym yesterday, and it made me feel a ton better.
Nicole kicked my ass today with the “dirty dozen“.  It’s 12 exercises, set up in 4 circuits of 3 exercises that you go through 2x each.  The goal is to get through it as fast as you can.  I did it in 13 minutes and 35 seconds, which I believe is the fastest female time so far.  Nicole teasingly said next time we would do it with the “boy weights”.  I have a feeling she wasn’t teasing.  After my stomach settled down a bit, I did my 45 minutes of cardio.  Diet has been perfect for the last few days, so hopefully I am back to my normal, dedicated self and will really start seeing some fat loss.  🙂  Oh, and I’m trying a new supplement–tonalin CLA, which is a free fatty acid (conjugated linoleic acid) and is supposed to help you lose fat and maintain lean mass by assisting the body in using fat for energy.  I hope it works!!
We recently changed Kerry’s diet. She is now doing three days of a lower calorie amount and one day of a higher calorie amount. We also added another day of cardio, but the duration has stayed the same. We will change her program again when we are four weeks out, depending on what her measurements are looking like. Also, I put together a clip of Kerry taken in the first 8 weeks of her program. This is the first clip I have ever made, so I hope it turns out ok. I plan on putting together a bigger one next time, but wanted to just give this a little try. Enjoy!
February 28, 2011

I am totally crippled.  Yesterday I strained a glute while doing jump lunges, and today Nicole made me repeat the “dirty dozen” with the “boy weights”.  I was only about 30 seconds slower than my other time: 13:35 vs. 14:07.  It was the surrenders with the heavier weight that slowed me down.  I may not be able to walk tomorrow.
I FINALLY had a drop on the scale last week.  My home scale said 134, which is either 4 or 5 lbs. down.  I can’t recall whether it previously read 138 or 139.  All I know is that the scale is finally showing smaller numbers, and even though I know it’s more about the pinches/circumferences, the scale still has to go down too.  It’s psychological.  And at less than 7 weeks out from show, my psyche needs to see smaller scale numbers!  🙂