Patrick Henry is famous for “Give me liberty or give me death.”  This quote expressed his passion towards his freedom from England prior to the Revolutionary War.  If I were to have a knock off quote, I would believe it would say “Give me meat or give me death.”
I am a true Carnivore.  I grew up on a cattle farm, so I had some type of red meat in 6-10  meals a week.  We ALWAYS had meat and a starch at every meal.  If I wasn’t eating a steak or roast something with ground beef in it, it didn’t seem like dinner. To this day, I have to have meat in a meal for me to get full, whether it be a mental or a phyiscal thing. I have never had any health issues from it, in fact I have low blood pressure and perfect health numbers. The thought of having meals without some type of animal product, just seemed ludacris.
Saying this, I have decided to go Vegetarian for a week.
Allow me to explain.  Occasionally, I’ll have a new client ask me about going Vegetarian or Vegan, and my instant response is “WHY?”  I understand that “going vegetarian” is kind of a trend as of late, and people always give the same answer “I feel better having meat out of my diet.”  In fact, I was watching a UFC figther compete Saturday night, and he went Vegetarian, and his response was the same.  He said he felt better and his body recovered faster than when he ate meat. After the weekend of multiple burgers and ribs, I woke up feeling miserable.  So, I’m going to be my own test guinia pig and find out what the big deal is. So here it is: Starting today, Monday, February 28th, I’m going Vegetarian for one week.. 7 days… Including a weekend… No Meat… Oh, but I do have stipulations, that way no one can come back and say “You cheated!”
1. I get fish/seafood.  I’m not a big fan of fish unless it’s deep fried, but I’m going to learn to cook it this week.  I’ve acquired an allergy to shellfish so all shrimp, crab, etc are out.
2. I get dairy.  Like I said, I’m going Vegetarian, not Vegan.  I still get yogurt, milk, cheese, and protein powder, and eggs.  Even though I’m not a big fan of milk or eggs, but this may drive me to consume more.
I plan to make a quick blog daily letting you know how I’m feeling about this whole experience.  I am also aware that the effects of going meat free probably takes longer than a week, however, I have to take baby steps. The thought of going meat free for a month seems unrealistic.
If you have gone vegan or vegetarian, let me know how your experience was! If you continue to eat meat, PLEASE do not inform me how great that burger or steak tasted.  You can fill me in next week.  Wish me luck!
Kimberly, Emerge Fitness