I really need to learn to not make impulse decisions when it comes to food.  I didn’t think this thing out all too well.  Tuesday night, I found myself walking down the food aisles at Target trying to find something, anything, I could eat (that wasn’t fish).  I came out with spaghetti sauce and mushrooms (I had noodles at home).  I didn’t eat it though.  I also found some organic instant mac n cheese which seemed right up my alley on simplicity.  After two bites (that is literally a portion size, 2 bites), I was starving and was browsing every corner of my pantry for food.  Hello Fritos. Half of that bag is gone.  Ok, 3/4 of it is gone.  I am struggling with finding that common medium of going vegetarian AND eating clean.  So far, it’s not good. 
Wednesday was a pretty decent day.  Normal breakfast, and I went to McAlisters for lunch.  I had the taco salad with  the veggie chili. It has beans, but it wasn’t bad, couldn’t taste them.  In fact, it was quite tasty.  I never would have tried it if I wasn’t doing this whole vegetarian thing.  And it was less calories.  Dinner I went back to fish.  I was tired and I could have eaten cardboard and I wouldn’t have noticed a difference.
It’s already Thursday.  I think I will be ok on this whole diet. My only challenge is balancing no meat with healthy options.  I’m working on it.