The Dirty Dozen-More than a fun competition.

This week I had several clients who chose to be part of a competition, the “Dirty Dozen” at Emerge. The dirty dozen being 12 of the more grueling exercises done at Emerge with the clock ticking, each exercise submitted by a different trainer. Although the idea behind the DD was to offer clients something different, fun and a butt kicking workout, it also revealed to me one more piece of magic that physically pushing yourself can do – it can help you to rise above your fears and motivate one to go to the next level in their fitness program. Despite my personal trainer concerns with “form issues” with clients participating in a one-time, 20 – 30 minute DD event, it turns out that it was truly a personal accomplishment for my clients and an exercise in courage. Each client was successful in completing the DD to the best of their ability and they were all equally successful in their decision to try. As we all know, if you don’t try, you don’t know what you can do or what you need to do to reach your potential. Knowing our true potential can be the scariest part because it calls us to action.
I’ve been training very hard for my next half marathon, Go St. Louis in April and I know that sense of anxiety created when we put ourselves out there, regardless of how pretty the results are. Several of my clients certainly put themselves out there when deciding to do the Dirty Dozen event. Regardless of their time or skill in completing the 12 exercises, they completed it and for all, that was an accomplishment. I was reminded during the DD event of the level of dedication and perseverance that clients at Emerge have in reaching their physical fitness goals. Whether or not clients took part in the DD, they all take part in making their workouts a lifestyle and, we all know, that is no easy thing. Showing Up is probably the hardest part of working out. I motivate and encourage my clients to persevere towards their fitness goals when they personal train with me, but a strong personal drive on their part is critical to success.