Ryan McKee
This is the first installment of a series of blogs focusing on the professional athletes training at Emerge, including what they consider the most important part of their diet and their training regimen.
This week Rams offensive lineman Adam Goldberg and Ryan McKee answer a few questions….
The six questions (and answers) are as follows:
1) What do you consider the most important part of your diet as an athlete?
Adam: Really it’s just staying consistently fueled, not having to overeat in one sitting and eating more often instead.
Ryan: For me it’s eating enough clean calories to keep my weight up.
2) As a professional football player, what is the most important part of your training regimen?
Adam: Whatever I’m doing, pushing my personal limits.
Ryan: Challenging my body by putting it in unique positions when training, making your body react to new stimulus.
3) What is one shared characteristic of athletes who make it to the next level.
Adam: Competitiveness
Ryan: Not losing. It’s not always about winning, but focusing on not losing.
4) What supplement do you consider the most important part of your diet?
Adam: Slow burning protein before bed, faster burning protein post workout.
Ryan: Fast burning post workout protein.
5) How important is functional training in finding success in your sport?
Adam: Vital. It’s taking everything you’ve done in the gym and training your body to use it on the field.
Ryan: It’s the most important workout I’ve ever done for football.  You don’t realize how important it is until you see what this kind of training can do for your performance.
6) What is your most hated exercise at Emerge?
Adam: An alternating push up to row to rotate to press from a plank. A full body multi planar exercise. Hands down.
Ryan: Battling ropes and the push up to row to rotate to press from a plank.
Next week the Ram’s Jacob bell and Bradley Fletcher will be on the hot seat answering the same set of questions.
Matt Pirtle, MA, CSCS