Randy Orton: Day One Functional Training at Emerge


Randy’s workouts have a focus on “function.”  Functional training is simply training for use in an athletic environment or even just in an everyday life environment.  Gains and improvements in functional exercise have a high transfer to gains and improvement in the ring, field, court, or even just functioning in the everyday world.  It’s taking “gym strength” and making it usable outside the gym.  Randy’s functional training program is designed for ring performance, primarily.  Program variables include:
1) Core Strength and Stabilization
2) Postural correction through corrective exercise (flexibility, muscle activation, and muscle inhibition)
3) Multi Planar training on all 3 planes of motion at once, mimicking the demands of his sport.
4) Activation and integration of underactive muscle (waking up sleeping muscle and allowing it to communicate with other muscle)
5) Power (speed) training in multiple planes at once
6) Hypertrophy (keeping the size of the muscle fibers BIG)
The first workout was as follows:
Lower ab activation- 3 sets- 12 reps- a simple reverse crunch, focus on lower back flat against floor, rolling hips back, not lifting through the hip flexors (not a leg lift, a pelvic rotation)
V Up Incline Barbell Press- 3 sets- 12 reps- Sitting in a “v” position, feet off ground, hips flexed, abs flexed, making your body into your own “incline bench” while incline pressing weight
Kettlebell Lateral Squat-Walk with an Extended 35 pound Kettlebell (strength band around ankles)- 3 sets- 10 steps each direction- Primarily for activation of glute medius with and emphasis on core stability
Push Pull Rotate Extend- 3 sets- 6 each side- Working the deep abdominal tissue (TVA) in a plank to start, pushing up into a row, into a rotation and an arm extension all in one quick movement. Full body multi-planar movement with a high core involvement. Brutal.
Waterball Twist and Slam- 3 sets- 15 reps- A small swiss ball with 3 pounds of water gripped tight- Starting in a “v” position rotate from the TRUNK, not arms, and slam the waterball into the ground. The water will move and will attempt to pull you out of your path of motion. Oblique focus with core stability.
Weighted Ball Crunch- 3 sets- 10 reps- FULLY extended over a ball with a 30 pound weight just below chin. Flex neck forward first then follow by lower spine without the ball moving. No hips, just UPPER abs. We will integrate the much stronger hip flexors in later.
Randy has a list of exercises specific to him for movement prep ( before every workout) and a dynamic warmup on the turf as well.
Updated workouts to come!
Matt Pirtle, MA, CSCS