Randy Orton's Functional Training at Emerge, Day 2

Randy O

Day 2 of Randy’s functional workouts included mostly multi-planar, movement specific exercises designed to tax the core as a whole.  A few exercises at the end were designed to be more core specific.
1) 2 Bosu TRX power push ups– 2 bosus stacked blue side touching in the middle, feet in trx, holding on to top bosu while plyometrically pushing up and off the bottom bosu.  4×10
2) Incline med ball push ups– With legs elevated on a bar set 5-6 feet off ground, place both hands on individual med balls.  Keep your body in a rigid plank and perform push ups. 3×12
3)  Towel tricep extension/ Towel middle back row– SUPERSET- With a rope draped over a smith bar, hold onto bottom of towel in a plank and extend ONLY the elbow to push with triceps.  With towel in the same position, hang from bottom of towel at a 45 degree angle and row to bar with elbows up. 4×12 each
4)Ball Pike– Planking on ball, hands on floor.  Flex hip into “teepee” shape explosively.  See video in instructional video blog. 4×10
5) Planking stool/dumbbell up down plank– In a planking position, and with a dumbbell in each hand, place hands on either side of a low stool and walk one hand at a time to the top while maintaining a flat back. 3×6 each side. Reference video in instructional exercise blog.
6) V up position med rotate and slam– in a v up position, rotate explosively and throw med ball into ground through your rotation, not arms. 4×10 each side.
The focus was first on movement mechanics moving into VELOCITY.
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