Matt Pirtle's "INTUITION" diet experiment

With the over-abundance of fitness and diet advice floating around in the gym, in magazines and on the web, it can sometimes be difficult to filter out the good information from the bad (and sometimes, dangerous).  There is no shortage of advice in the local fitness facility or online from “experts” touting the latest sure thing diet plan. 
With all of this (sometimes conflicting) information, certain fundamentals of fitness and nutrition will always be the basis for any further discussion, a “fitness axiom.” These things are true whether or not you want them to be.  This will be the jumping off point for my experiment in intuition diet.
Intuition always assumes a certain amount of learned information. For example, a person might intuit that the moment is wrong to cross the street just before a car speeds by.  The knowledge that streets are for cars and they often drive on them is understood first.  My intuitive diet plans works this way, except I have had a LOT of time studying the street and the probability of a car approaching.  Some information is learned, and intuition is driven by that knowledge.
I started this experiement in early July with nothing really to lose.  In the past, a diet for me meant I was preparing for a show (on stage in basically bikini underwear).  There was a lot at stake.  This time, with the stakes smaller, I tried a different approach to my RIGID competition dieting regime. 
I took the basics of nutrition and the metabolic functioning of the human body and applied the knowledge to a day-to-day “guideline” for my diet.
Some of the very basics:
1) Calories taken in must be less than calories expended.
2) A carbohydrates main function is energy, your body converts them into glucose for use.
3) Protein is essential for strong bones, skin and MUSCLE, and the body needs amino acids from proteins every day because they cannot be stored like carbs and fats.
This, along with some smaller absolute rules, was the information referred to the most in this experiment. 
So I began on July 8th.
Next update soon….
Matt Pirtle, MA, CSCS