Matt Pirtle's Intuition Diet Experiment Part 2

I’ll start this post off with some information about what I am, and am not doing, specifically.
I tried to use no feedback tools except for the mirror.  No scales. No bodybuggs. No bodyfat pinches.  I didn’t want these tools interfering with the experiment which deals more with intuition.  With that said, I have worn a bodybugg for a week before, and from this week I know I burn anywhere from 4800-5800 calories a day depending on my training schedule.  I also knew my weight on the scale started at 204 lbs.
My day begins pretty routinely:
1/2 cup of plain oats mixed with one packet low sugar flavored oats
1 stevia packet
6-8 walnuts
2 scoops of whey protein isolate (50 grams)
At about 9am between clients I will have another 2 scoops WPI and a banana or any piece of fruit I have with me at work
At 12-1pm I will have lunch. This varies based on how my energy feels and how I look that day.  If I’m dragging and look deflated, I’ll add extra carbs through oats or whole grain bread.  I typically have around 60z of very lean meat.  A typical side for me will be a small serving of baked chips but this can vary ( something with comparable nutritional value). I will finish will a piece of fruit routinely.
Around 3pm I will have a varied snack, from a packet of low sugar oats, to a piece of fruit, to an almond butter and low sugar jelly sandwich on healthy life brand bread. Sometimes I eat more, sometimes less, based on how I look and feel.
Dinner is varied as well, although I have been eating A LOT of salads.  Buffalo chicken salads with cucumbers, onions, and croutons.  Or spinach and fruit salads with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  Sometimes it will just be a large serving of green veggies with 6-8oz of chicken.  I have had much less red meat, for certain.  I add a carb through whole grain noodles or brown rice occasionally.
I go off the beaten path sometimes, from splitting a large veggie with less-cheese pizza with Ang one night, to having a 4000 calorie dinner of fried food on a weekend vacation.  Doesnt happen much, but when it does, it’s big.  I usually feel great the next day with no noticeable change in leanness. I know I can do this now when I need to.  I would never have done this while dieting for a show, but I’m glad I did now, because I know it won’t derail everything I’ve done up to that point.
I am about 4 weeks into this diet and, simply for a before and after comparison, I am posting a pic shot 3 weeks before the start of the experiment, and one shot July 31st.
matt beforematt after
The next post will be about the specific variations in the diet and the very little cardiovascular work performed during this time (I didn’t want to add to many variables).
Matt Pirtle, MA, CSCS