Angie Pirtle's Guide to a Fit Pregnancy

This is my 18Th week of pregnancy and it has definitely been tough with the heat.  I am a lot more tired at the end of the day and have no extra energy.    I saw my doctor this week and got to hear the heart beat.  Heart beat was between 150 and 160bpm.   We  go back in two weeks for the big 20 week ultrasound.
18 weeks and the clothes are  starting to get tight and my belly has popped  this week.  I feel like I am finally really starting to show.  I have had great workouts this week including 4 days of running on the treadmill for 20 minutes and 3 strength training days.
Trying to keep a clean diet has been difficult with traveling on the weekends but still sticking to a healthy diet.   I always pack with me a protein powder supplement (protein shake) and protein bars.  That seems to keep me strict if I can  start my days with  a protein shake and  protein bars for in between meals.  If you are looking for a good tasting protein powder without all the artificial flavors and sweeteners the powder I recommend is a whey protein isolate by Jay Robb.  I even give my one year old daughter a tablespoon (about 7 grams of protein) of Jay Robb protein in her oatmeal and almond milk as a protein supplement.  1 scoop of the powder contains 110 calories and 26grams of protein.  I mix a scoop of the powder witha 1/4 cup of frozen berries.  Very Yummy.  I always start my mornings with a protein shake and fruit.  By mid morning about 3 hrs later I do another piece of fruit and if I am working its another protein shake because of convenience.  If I am at home  I will prepare a piece of almond butter on ezekiel toast or fruit.  I eat all fruits based on what is in season and keep small serving sizes.   Lunch typically consist of a salad with grilled chicken or a grilled chicken sandwich on ezekiel bread with Rice Works chips.   Rice Works chips are sometimes hard to find but really good and made from brown rice.  Mid AfternoonI always get in another protein shake  with a piece of fruit or frozen berries in the shake. Dinners are always the same just to keep it simple.  I stick to lean meats or fish for my protein and a vegetable or salads with grilled chicken.  This is my work week routine and I keep it simple for convenience.  I steer off the path on the weekends and allow a little higher calorie. 
Week 18 was another good week and looking forward to the tempatures dropping outside so I can get back to my outside runs.  I will be back reporting next week about the importance of protein during pregnancy and protein supplementation.

Angie Pirtle
Emerge Fitness Training