Angie Pirtle's Guide to a Fit Pregnancy

Today is day 183 of my pregnancy which puts me at 26 weeks.  Time is flying!  I saw my Doctor 2 weeks ago for my 24 week appointment and every thing is perfect with a weight gain of 9.5lbs.  I have good and bad weeks with exercise.  Last week was perfect I didn’t miss a day of cardio or strength training and combined with very clean diet.  It’s amazing when you put the exercise and diet together how much better you feel and the surge of energy you get. 
 My new cardio is walking on the Emerge Woodway treadmill.  I love it!  If you have never trained on a Woodway Treadmill it’s a must that you try it out.  It’s the best treadmill workout you can get.  The Woodway Curve is  self propelled and used for speed training.  You can do sprints at any speed or if your pregnant like me and can’t sprint it is great for speed walking.  Speed walking on a regular treadmill does nothing for me but the curve and self propelling of the woodway makes it very challenging.  I have good energy and still keeping up with my clients and chasing Charley around.  I’m expecting the fatigue to start again soon but until then I am keeping active. 
My New found favorite is 1pc of ezekiel bread with 1 tbsp almond butter and 1 tbsp E.D. Smith peach fruit spread.  This is my breakfast every morning and then followed by a protein shake mid morning.  Did you know fruit spreads have a lot less calories and sugar than fruit preserves?  Preserves on average have about 50 cal per tbsp and 13-16 grams of sugar.  Fruit spread has 25 calories and 6 grams of sugar per tbsp.   
1 pc ezekiel bread 80 cal
1tbsp almond butter 95 calories
1 tbsp fruit preserve 25 calories
For a grand total of 200 calories.  This is great for a midafternoon snack or breakfast.
Stayed tuned for my next two weeks update.
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