We’re less than one week away from starting our 3rd Annual Get Fit for Fido and the interest coming in is HUGE!! I’ve received repetitive questions about the classes, so I hope that this FAQ  page can help! If not, do not hesitate to email me at Kimberly@emergetraining.com
1. Do we have to sign up ahead of time to take a class?
    – No, no prior sign up is needed. Just show up a few minutes before class!
2. Can we bring friends/family?
3. Do we need to fill out any information when we get there?
    – The only form all new participants need to sign is the Liability form at the front desk of Emerge.
4. What do we donate?
     – We have a “Wish List” by the Five Acres Humane Society available on our website. www.emergefitnesstraining.com
        under the “News and Events” tab.
5. Can we take all of the classes or just one?
     – You are more than welcome to take as many classes as you like, we just ask for a donation when ya come!
6. Can Children take the classes? 
     – We would like all participants to be at least 8 years old with a guardian present, 16 without a guardian present.
7. We aren’t able to take a class but can we still donate, and if so, when?
      – YES, YES, and YES!  You can drop off items between now and Friday, December 23rd, at noon.
         We will be dropping off all items on the 23rd.
8.  Who are these “Guest Trainers” that will be appearing during the classes?
      – We’re not telling… Yet… 🙂
9.  Is there a limit to how many people can attend a class? Will we be turned away if the class is too full?
     – There is  no limit, and no, you will not be turned away. We will make room for everyone!
10.  What level of difficulty are the classes going to be?
         – The great thing about boot camps, is that they can be catered to your fitness level. We can make an exercise such
           as pushups can be modified to be easy for beginners or tougher for the  more advanced.  Don’t worry, we’ll make
           sure you get a good sweat going!
I hope to see everyone in the next few weeks at Emerge!
-Kimberly, Emerge Fitness