Week 3- Julie's Figure Competition Blog

Another week down! This week has been really good, I am not having any cravings for junk and I am still feeling super motivated about every workout and cardio session.  The only thing that has been getting to me is the scale… Now, logically I know that this is not the most accurate way to assess progress but it plays a big role mentally for me.  My diet has been perfect this week (and also the 2 weeks prior for that matter), I did all of my cardio and even a little extra, I pushed myself on every lift and can see huge strength gains in the gym each week and I am only down .3 lbs on the scale. Now there are many factors that could play a role in the scale not showing a significant decrease in weight like the fact that I have been crushing my workouts and I am very sore from them, salt content of food, water retention/hydration, bowel movements (sorry to those of you with a weak stomach), muscle gains, hormones, etc. The more important thing that I am having to focus on is the progress that I can see in myself physically and that my clothes are fitting differently, I can see significant changes in my arms, legs and abs, everything is looking much leaner and I am able to see the muscle gains that I made in this offseason which I am very happy about 🙂 Matt is going to do our skin folds on Tuesday so hopefully that will reveal more of what is going on… 

Here’s a recap of this week:Cardio- 5 days 30 minutes plus an extra 6th day of 30 min. I have still been walking on an incline keeping my heart rate around 140. 

Sample of my diet this week: 
Meal 1- 1 whole egg, 1/4 cup whites, 1/2 cup oats made with unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Meal 2- 1 scoop Beverly international cookies and creme ultimate muscle protein, 1 package of trader joes raw almonds- 200 calories so about 29 almonds 
Meal 3- pre workout 2 slices Ezekiel Bread, 2 tbsp simply fruit blackberry preserves, creatine
Meal 4- post workout 1 scoop whey isolate, 1/2 scoop dextrose, creatine and glutamine
Snack while making dinner- 1/4 raw red pepper and 2tbsp roasted red pepper hummus ( I was low on fats for the day so the hummus was a good choice of healthy fats)
meal 5- 3 oz turkey burger, 1 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup roasted bell peppers, 6 asparagus spears
meal 6- 6oz Chobani Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup oats and 1tbsp almond butter
This put me at 1,809 cal: 52g fat (26%), 214g carbs (47%) and 126g protein (28%)

Workouts- Our workout schedule got a little crazy this week because our legs were so sore we could not lift legs on our normal Thursday leg day. This threw some things off so we moved them to Saturday. We all have a crazy Monday coming up so we ended up doing our chest/bi workout on Sunday and we are taking Monday off. It was actually kind of nice because the gym was empty and Sunday is a day that we usually lounge around so to get a higher calorie burn for the day was a good thing! As promised last week, here is our leg workout that we have done on Thursday’s for the last 3 weeks progressing in weight each workout:

10 sets of 10 squats for depth with 30sec rest between sets (step out side of the squat rack so you can really get low) also I am proud to say we did this at 155lbs!! 

4 sets of 20 single leg leg strides on the curve wood way for speed

Super set:
4x 12 heavy cable deadlift
4x10e single leg cable hamstring curls

Super set:
4×10 double landmine front squats
4×10 single leg cable leg extensions

4 sets 7-10’s calf raises on smith machine- perform 7 reps then hold at the top for 10seconds repeat this 2 more times and that is one set

So other than the scale getting to me, this week was a lot of fun and I am feeling good about my progress. Nicole and I filmed a healthy eating grocery store tour so keep your eye out for that this week as well as a shoulder and Ab workout with our lifting partner Angie Coleman over at the Fitness Edge which we will be posting later this week as well. Stay tuned for progress reports next week!