For a Navy Corpsman, being fit isn't just a lifestyle, it's a lifesaver.

It’s not uncommon to be in Emerge and see client Andy Law gearing up for a workout. You’ll see him suited up with a 40lb weighted vest and a “training for elevation altitude” mask.  The trainers get asked all of the time why he’s wearing it; is it because he’s just that intense or does he want to show off? The truth is, he’s not only training to save his own life, but the lives of others as well.
Andy is Navy Corpsman for the ground combat element of the Marine Corps. The website describes the position as: “Navy hospital corpsmen, more commonly known as the ‘corpsmen.’ They wear the Marine Corps uniforms but they have never trained at Marine Corps Recruit Depot. They have saved the lives of hundreds of Marines, yet they do not claim the title themselves. Corpsmen have a long-standing tradition of serving alongside Marines because the Corps does not train medical personnel. They stand as a necessary part of a Marine fleet. Their mission is to prevent or treat any injury Marines may come across in the unpredictable combat zone… Not only do these corpsmen need to be well rounded with their occupation, they must also be a rifleman.  In order to be a well-functioning, integrated part of the Marine Corps, they must be combat oriented as any Marine from any military occupational specialty” (
Andy explains his job as a “field medical service technician.  I render medical care to Marines and I’m the first line of medical intervention when the ‘grunts’ get hurt.  I’m behind them as they are kicking in doors. Marines cry out for three things when they’re injured; God, mom and Doc and only one of them can help him.”
Andy has to be ready at all times for whatever could possibly happen.  This type of work requires a lot of endurance as well as explosive power and strength. He could be lifting or dragging Marines, twice his size, out of hazardous areas (if you’ve seen Andy, it’s not hard to be twice his size).  He wanted to make sure that he was ready when he was deployed to Afghanistan, which is known for their mountains and high elevation.  That’s when Andy came across Emerge Fitness.
“Before I enlisted the help of Matt Wirth, I was a Navy Corpsman for the ground combat element of the Marine Corps for over 6 years and was no stranger to working out. But when I discovered I was going to be assigned to 4th Marine Recon, I knew that just being in shape wasn’t going to be enough and that I needed professional assistance. When my friends found out I got a personal trainer they all said the same thing, “Why do you need a trainer? You’re a Marine and you’re already in shape.” My rebuttal was. “Yes, personal fitness is required for my job, but it is not my job. I get paid to be an expert at eliminating threats and providing medical interventions. It’s a trainer’s livelihood to know the ins and outs personal fitness and how to get a client to their goal in the most efficient and effective manner.”
The proof is in the pudding! Just after 5 months of personal training sessions I am in better physical condition now than I have ever been in my life. Taking into account my 4 years of high school soccer as a starting midfielder and 4 years of active duty time with Marines working out for hours at least five times a week. I’ve reduced my body fat from 9% to less than 6%, I’ve shaved off a minute and a half on my mile, and now instead of being in the front pack during a run, I lead the pack. I’ve also recruited the help of two additional trainers, Kim Renoud and Beth Pirtle, by adding their boot camps to my regimen. The boot camps allow me to work on my high altitude training and aerobic strength training so that when I deploy I will have no problems performing in extreme environmental conditions.
What I love about training with Matt, Kim and Beth is that I’m always challenged, no two workouts are ever the same, and they all know exactly what to say to motivate me. What I love about training at Emerge is the focus on functional workouts, there’s always a purpose for the madness, I’m not just lifting weights, I’m working on getting stronger and faster so I can engage the appropriate muscle groups when I need to, to get me or my patient out of a hostile situation. When I’m not out defending freedom and democracy, I’m a nurse and a “manny” for 5 kids and easily work over 80 hours a week. Since I know that my trainers are the best at what they do and can help me get the most out of my workout, it’s easier to make and hour out of my day for them than to make an excuse of how I’m too busy to go to the gym.
Thank you Matt, Kim, and Beth! You guys have made me a better warrior
and have given me the extra edge I needed to help get my Marines and
me back home to our friends and families! I couldn’t have done it
without you, love you guys! Semper Fidelis!”

Andy will continue to workout here until he is deployed to Afghanistan in March for an unknown amount of time.  Emerge thanks Andy for his hard work, dedication, and doing so much to defend our country and we wish him the best of luck.
Kimberly Renoud & Matt Wirth,
Emerge Fitness Training