If You Have Back Pain Read This

In October 2010, I was experiencing severe back and leg pain due to a herniated disc in my lower back. After numerous visits with multiple doctors and steroid injections in the spine, round-the-clock painkillers and muscle relaxers, I still found it difficult to do things as simple as putting on my own socksBy February, I had had enough and was ready to concede to back surgery.Meanwhile, my husband had been doing some personal trainingwith Kimberly at Emerge; and during the course of a casual conversation, she suggested I see Dr. Matt Lytle at Precision Health Group. I pessimistically agreed to try one more thing before setting up the surgeryI began seeing Dr. Lytle onFebruary 23. After three weeks, his treatment helped tremendously, and I was soon cutting back on some of my prescriptions. Dr. Lytle suggested I go to Emerge in order to build my core and increase relief from my symptomsI started working with Angie on March 21 while continuing to see Dr. Lytle. By April 5, I was no longer taking any prescriptions. In February, I couldn’t stand to be in a car for 5 minutes; but in early May, I took a couple OTC and was able to sit on a plane for four hours.  As I write this, I am heading to Texas tomorrow and not even packing any pain relievers. Thanks, Angie and Kim at Emerge for your part in helping my get my life back!
Sheila is one of the many clients that we see at Emerge everyday.   Corrective exercise can help manage and heal pain that people deal with everyday.  If your an athlete battling repeat injuries or if you sit at a desk 40 hours a week and experience neck and low back pain we can help.   Starting a corrective exercise program starts with a consultation and  a postural assessment.  We then put together a corrective exercise program based on a persons daily routine, common movement patterns, and we develop the program based on each individuals movement dysfunction.  These clients start out with therapy exercise programs and with in time they are completing 5ks, triathlons, and marathons and achieving personal goals they gave up on years ago.   Contact an Emerge Trainer to gather more information and setup a consultation.
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