72 Years Old and Training Likes she's 27

Lee Hauk is one of my favorite clients that I get to see twice a week.  She has been training with me since February 2006.  When I first met Lee she was a recent widow and was looking to make a lifestyle change for herself.  Her highest weight she reached was 230lbs at 45% body fat.   She had already made diet changes on her own before meeting me and lost 25lbs.   I helped her get down to her lowest weight of 145lbs and 29% body fat.  Through the course of the years she has fluctuated 10-15lbs.  One of the hardest fitness goals is to loose a significant amount of weight and keep it off.  Lee in my opinion has done a phenomenal job  keeping her weight off and the key to that is making a lifestyle change and sticking with it.   Eating habits  she learned from me over the course of the years and things she has taught herself  are now her new way of  life.   Lee is a health guru now and she has even taught me a few things.  One of the best parts of my jop is to see a client make a lifestyle change and never go back. 

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During our workouts I often forget Lee is 72.  I train her just as hard as I train my 27 year old clients and the best part is she can handle it.  I clearly remember our first workouts when a stationary lunge was impossible because of balance and knee strength and now she can stand on two balance disk and hold a pvc pipe full of water over her head.  Thats why I love  my job.  Im so proud of  Lee and her accomplishments.  Her training is truly about health and keeping herself strong to perform normal daily task.  I try to encourage her that its not about weight loss anymore but  increasing strength, balance, and flexibility.
Angie Pirtle
Emerge Fitness