Return of an Ex Client

My ex client Vicki Rodell is back training with me.  I met Vicki roughly 10 years ago when I first started as a trainer at 24 hour fitness.  I was fresh out of college with not much experience in the personal trainer field but could rehearse front to back an anatomy and kinesiology text book.  I had a couple things right:  I knew how to motivate people,  the basics about nutrition for weight loss, and how to put together a cardio program.  The one important thing I didn’t know a lot about was program design for an exercise program.  There must be a plan based on a clients goals, proper progressions, and other changes along the way.  Just doing random exercises because they are hard and arbitrary sets and reps is not a very well designed plan.  I use to train like this before I had much experience .  I would squeeze as many exercises as I could in an hour  and the goal was to always make the client sore.  I can’t believe I am admitting this but I guess everyone has to start somewhere.  I didn’t know much about posture and corrective exercises and the foam roller was not even a part of my vocabulary, Oh and one more thing, core training was doing sit ups on a ball and using the abdominal machines.   I gave good service and had good client retention but my training skills could have been a lot better. Needless to say 10 years of experience later and more education I am excited to show Vicki what real personal training is.
Vicki is new to Emerge last week and I am excited to put her on a functional training program for weight loss.  We are on session number 2 working on technique,  core assessment, and posture correction exercises this week.  Today’s workout we stepped the intensity up for pure calorie burning by adding extra conditioning exercises such as the woodway treadmill and sled pushes on the turf.
Vicki has tried lots of things over the last couple of years and just can’t get the extra 10lbs off.  I’m excited to not only get her weight down (already down 2lbs today since we started last Monday) but also get her in the best shape of her life.    I will be periodically blogging her progress.  I’m so excited for my new challenge!  Every new client of mine is a challenge, a challenge that I will get them in their best shape ever.
Be careful when choosing a personal trainer and do your research.  Obviously education is always going to be number one but make sure that your trainer has experience.   One thing we pride ourselves with is that Emerge trainers  have both.  We are all highly educated and constantly continuing are education and all of us have 5 plus years of experience.  That is hard to find at most gyms.

Angie Pirtle
Emerge Fitness Training