Christian high school senior, Josh Matejka, pitches for his schools varsity baseball team. After injuring his shoulder during his sophomore year, Josh noticed decreased strength, endurance, and pitching velocity during his junior year. He started training with me after a year of not meeting his expectations. He wanted to regain the range of motion back in his throwing arm and build muscle and strength to come back at the top if his game for his senior year.

We started with 4 weeks of hypertrophy training; I had him super set push movements with pull movements. We would do 10-12 reps at 67% of Josh’s one reps max with a 30-90 second rest. Next I had Josh focus  on strength training for 4-5 weeks. We used more core lifts with some assistance moves. We would do 6-8 reps at 85% of his one rep max and a rest period of 2-3 minutes. Lastly we trained for power using reps of 2-5 of 90-95% of his one rep max with 3-5 mins rest, also including intense upper and lower body plyometrics.

After these 3 periodization cycles of hypertrophy, strength, and power Josh has begun throwing in preparation for the upcoming season and says ” I feel stronger than ever, my mechanics flow much smoother because of the stabilization and core strength, and my coaches are very impressed with the speed of my pitches”. Josh has gained 11 pounds of muscle in his off and pre-season training, and has made significant gains in his strength and power since he has begun with Nick at Emerge.

Emerge Fitness Training

Nick Dudas CSCS