“I started working out at Emerge about 18 months ago with Beth Pirtle.  Beth is a neighbor and friend that I have known since we both moved into our homes over 20 years ago.  Our children grew up together and we are in the same age bracket.
I was over weight and having various aches, pains, and problems that I was associating with age. I had some concerns about osteoporosis and knew one of the best ways to help eliminate the risk was to do weight bearing exercise.   I was also very conscious of my body image as a working professional dealing with clients on a daily basis.  I am facing competition daily with women and men half my age.  I know I bring more to the table with my years of experience and knowledge, and if given an equal opportunity to present my information, I generally can win the business.  But, getting that opportunity, to get my foot in the door, was starting to become a big problem.  I realized that part of it was a general image perception.  I needed to do something and make some changes. You must understand that “back in the day”, when I was young, women weren’t given the opportunity to compete nor were we encouraged to work out and build muscle and stamina.  I didn’t know how to really work out, or build muscle with weights.   With what little I knew, I could seriously hurt myself trying to help myself.  Beth came to mind as someone who might understand my concerns and situation, especially with her weight loss background and personal training experience.
After working with Beth for 18 months, I’m happy to report that I have lost 30 lbs.  I’m stronger and have more balance and stamina.  I have incorporated exercise (working out) and healthy eating into my daily life without much difficulty.  I have gone down 3 sizes and can buy and wear clothes that I wouldn’t have even thought about 2 years ago.  I look good in my clothes, and that gives me added confidence in my personal and professional life.  But most of all, I’m stronger and feel better.  Loosing the weight and working out on a regular basis has strengthened my back and knees.  I don’t have that constant lower back pain and my knees work for me again.  I can keep up with my 15 (soon to be 18) Grandchildren, and that is a considerable feat in itself.  I work with Beth twice a week for 30 minutes a session.  Some sessions are harder than others, but she is very careful to make sure I’m not over extending or hurting myself in any way.  I don’t always look forward to our sessions, but I miss them when I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. 
My Husband has noticed the difference and he has also started working out with Beth.  He only has the stamina for one 30 minute session a week, but he will tell you that it’s his schedule that won’t allow for more.  He used to be the family athlete, but now it’s my turn to take on that role. 
By the way, I’m 61 years old, with 5 Children and 15 (almost 18) Grandchildren.  You’re never too old to be the best you can be!!
Marcia Tiemeyer