Paleo: One Week down…

I’m officially on day 8 of the Paleo diet, and frankly…. It’s not too bad.  Of course I miss a few things, but the phrase “food is for fuel, not fun” keeps going thru my head. I had a lot of positive responses to my first blog and a few shoutouts from others who I’ve helped lose weight. It has all been motivating and it definitely pushes me to achieve my 60 day challenge.  Here’s a recap of my week:
Tuesday thru Friday: Breakfast and snacks have been wayyyy too easy.  Lunch and dinner have been tough.  I’m not a cook either, in fact, I hate cooking.  I think its because since I make food for one, whatever I eat, I have to generally eat for 3 or 4 more meals.  Another reason is because I have crazy hours.  3 days a week I’m up at 5am for work, and M-Thursday, I’m usually at the gym til 8-8:30pm.  When I get home at 8:30 and by the time I shower and eat (just eat, not cook), it’s 9. And this girl  needs her 8 hours of sleep. The last thing I want to do when I get home from work is cook and clean.  So> I have to do a better job at preparing meals.
My workouts have been very consistent, so no problem there.  And with the warmer weather, it was very easy to stay hydrated.  I was easily taking in over 100 oz of water.  Ha, that reminds me. For one of my meals last week, I went to Chipolte for lunch.  I got my usual, fajita burrito bowl, with steak, veggies, mild salsa and lettuce only.  I’m not sure what they did different, but my mouth was on FIRE! I took down over 80 oz of water trying to eat it! (I’m being serious about the water). I love spicey food, but holy cow… I was red in the face and I was sweating profusely.  I felt like my intestines just had a high intensity workout… Talk about curbing the appetite.. I didn’t want to eat for many hours later.
 After a late night at work, I used to pick up food from Lions Choice or Olive Garden.  Now it is harder. I went to McAlisters one night and I ordered a “Grilled Chicken Salad, No cheese, no croutons, no tomatoes no cucumbers (I hate tomatoes & cucumbers)”.  The guy behind the counter said “Seriously?”  So this is what my life has come to.  The McAlisters guy actually found humor in my order. I hope I made his freaking day.
I have found some relief in baked fish and some roasted chicken from the deli.  I picked up a roasted half chicken from Whole Foods and for anyone who doesn’t think there’s a difference between regular chicken and “cage free/grass fed” chicken, is off their rocker.  I can tolerate the latter by far.  It has such a cleaner taste, and it isn’t as dry.  And I feel better knowing I’m not putting chicken in my mouth that has been fed concrete, feces, and hormones (gross, but true).
I haven’t had too many cravings, but I do miss cheese.  I could eat nearly anything as long as it had cheese on it… I asked the lady at the Cheese Counter at Whole Foods if they had non dairy, and she pointed it out to me… She told me the brand that “tastes the most like cheese.” In other words, it was all crap, but this was the least of the worst.  Ugh it looks like rubber.  But I put it on Taco shell-less tacos and I couldn’t even taste it. 
Temptations have been pretty minimal.  I went to the Movies the other night.  I packed some almonds with me in case I was starving. As we were walking into the theater, I got the overwhelming smell of popcorn.  After being asked if I wanted anything and I gave a grumbling “No….” We made our way to our seats.  He didn’t get popcorn or soda either.  I think he was afraid to.  After we sat down, the previews were showing and all you could hear was people rustling in their bags of popcorn or the straws in their sodas moving.  To me, it sounded like all the snack eating was amplified… Jerks.
I went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays with my parents yesterday.  They have been eating healthier (not AS healthy as they should, but it’s progress).  I did well, I had a (1/2)sirloin, grilled green beans and a salad.  Mom had a burger without the bun and vegetables.  Pops went all out with a burger and fries… I’m glad my food was good or I probably would have caved and knocked dad over for his fries (my weakness).  And now, Ruby Tuesdays is giving out those biscuits, those oh so tasty biscuits.  Both of my parents each ate theirs, and then mine just sat there… Staring at me… I didn’t eat it…
The rest of my week was just fine.  One of my best friends has to go on a “Raw Food Diet” for 21 days, so, being that misery loves company,  I have someone to complain to who will understand (except I get meat… hahaha).  She’s going to be blogging to me  how she feels. BUT after 3 days, she already cheated.  I’m on date 8, and I have not… = Winning
After 8 days, I can already see changes.   I’m 3 lbs down,  that’s always a good thing.  By day 3 of my diet, my allergies were GONE.  No sneezing, no sniffling, no congestion.  Oh it’s fantastic.  I’m sleeping much better, except my body is waking up EVERY morning at 5:15… Not so cool.  My energy level is way up.  I was on the go all last week and I was all over St. Louis this weekend and it wasn’t until last night around 5, that my body said “slow…down”  I am seeing hormonal changes as well (I won’t go into too much detail there).  But my skin is clearing up. Not that I had bad skin, but it’s just not dull looking like it was.  I can also tell that I’m a lot calmer and I’m not so edgy or cranky, and I can focus better. 
It’s only one week down and about 8 weeks to go, however I’m pretty pumped to see what’s to come (or go, in my case).  I need to focus this week more on cutting down salt and changing from higher calorie cashews to lower calorie pistachios.  And I need to PLAN my meals better.  I have a client who has been doing Paleo for over a month and has seen great results.  He brought me Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies today and it was the perfect reward for my first week.  And they were AWESOME!!!
I will probably blog a little more often than once a week because there’s so much information that I left out. 
Until Next time,
Kimberly Renoud,
Emerge Fitness Training