I waited to blog until I got on the scale this morning. I needed to decided if I wanted to celebrate or vent.
It has been two weeks today since I started Paleo.  I really didn’t know what to expect this time around. When I did this diet last year, I had dropped 9lbs in this time.  I know a lot of it was water and waste, however when someone sees 9lbs down, who doesn’t get excited.
Today I weighed in at half of that weight. I’m about 4.5lbs down since day one.  I’m actually pretty happy with it because my weight IS going down, but the better, more important thing is that I can see a difference. My clothes feel different on me (Thank you lord!!!) and overall, I feel much better! Anyone who is around me a lot knows I have battled with allergies for years. I was always congested and sneezing.  I would swell up and be puffy in the face and my eyes would be red and itchy.  I have none of it, at all.  I’m breathing so much better and sleeping like a rock. I’m waking up on my own around 5:15 every morning. On days I don’t have to get up early, I have no problems going back to sleep for a few more hours.  And I never get tired until 9 or 10 at night.  It is a pretty good feeling, I won’t lie.
What a difference meal planning does for a diet.  I did so much better this week preparing my meals.  I was really missing the “bread” element, whether is be bread itself, bagels, or muffins.. I just needed a “texture fix.”  I got online and looked around for some Paleo bread and I came across a breakfast bread.  It consisted of Almond Butter, honey, eggs, cinnamon, and a few other things.  I’m not much of a baker, but I figured that it can’t be THAT hard.  And I surprised myself, it was actually THAT good… Really good.  And not like “oh this is good for being healthy” crap either.  I could actually eat this on a normal lifestyle meal plan.  However, I could change it occasionally by adding raisins or maybe bananas, but for now, I will take it. It will definitely be made again this week.  As well as I have almond flour coming so I will be experimenting with some other “baked goods.”
I also cooked a little, and I mean a little.  I tried cooking a spaghetti squash once before in the oven, and it was awful… Too gritty.  But, being on this diet, I figured I’d try it again.  I got a small one and this time, instead of the oven, I nuked it in the microwave and it was FABULOUS… YES… FINALLY, Convience pays off!  I went to the store to find spaghetti sauce that was “paleo friendly”.  ONE… Only ONE sauce at Dierbergs has no added sugar or regular salt to it… And it was $9 bucks a jar… My frugal grandmother would roll over in her grave if she knew I paid that much for sauce… However, being that she’s still alive, I’m just not going to tell her, because I can guarantee I’d hear “You’re an idiot” from her.  Yup, that’s Grandma.  I will say, that $9 jar of sauce was some of the best I’ve ever eaten.  I put that with some farm raised ground beef and mushrooms, and it was pretty dang good.  In fact, I made enough for a few more meals out of it. So, if I broke down the price for them meal, it would be about $5 each.  Can’t complain about that, and I didn’t have to pay a tip.
Yesterday I grilled out for the first time this year.  A Ribeye steak, and elk burgers.  I only ate part of the Ribeye (which was sooo hard because I could have easily have taken down the 16oz steak, but I refrained) and the rest is for my meals this week.  I’m looking forward to it.
Workouts have been pretty good.  I took off a couple more days this week, which I know now, is what my body needed.  I hydrated a lot, and I got a massage, and I haven’t stopped peeing since.  I’m guessing some water weight shook off of me finally.
This week’s goal is to not eat out til the weekend.  I have plenty of food prepared so I have no excuses.  I hope to get outside to do cardio this week as long as the weather stays nice.  If anyone is wanting any of the recipes that I’ve tried, just message me or email me at kimberly@emergetraining.com .
Until next week,
Kimberly Renoud,
Emerge Fitness Training