Goodbye 150's, Hello 140's…

What is that old rule that a girl should never be asked her age or weight? Hell, I don’t care. They are both just numbers, frankly.  I have 8.5 months left before I turn 30, yet I feel better now than I did in most of my 20s.  As for my weight, it was near my all time high in the 150s (weight, not body fat… I was once a lot thicker, but that’s another story).
Yesterday I went to get in some cardio at Golds. I hopped on their digital scale and I didn’t see a number with a “5” in it… I saw one with a “4” in it… I was officially out of the 150s.  I won’t lie, I was pretty thrilled.  It definitely put a little more “oomph” into my cardio for the hour. (yes, I did an hour. It was phases of speed and little resistance then elevation with a LOT of resistance.) Anyways, when you see the numbers on the scale go down, it really motivates you to eat even better and to work a little harder. I won’t lie though, I wasn’t fully set on the number on the scale because it wasn’t the “official” scale (aka, the one at Emerge).  I just came into work today and it said the same thing… Winner winner, chicken dinner.. Ugh, chicken… I still can’t stand the stuff.
This past week has been pretty easy.  I hadn’t had any cravings, at least that I can remember.  Papa Johns is ruthless and continues to send me daily emails on their specials.  Some days, I get multiple emails.  Papa Johns and I used to be pals.  They knew my order before I had to say anything.  Now, I just find them to be the damn devil.
I only went out to eat twice all week/weekend.  I had a steak/veggies/ and a salad one night. The other night I went to Chevys.  I hate ordering when I have a “not so good” waiter.  He was more worried about looking/acting cool in front us girls than getting our order right.  “I want steak fajitas-no rice, no beans, but extra cooked veggies”.  SIMPLE… At least I thought it was… I didn’t even get finicky to the point that I could’ve said “no tortillas, no sour cream, no cheese” since they all come to the side anyways.  My food comes out just as it is on the menu. The rice and beans were LOADED on the plate.. Really?? There’s a tip deduction right there bucko.  I’m glad that the chips and salsa were entirely on the other side of the table.  I caught a glimpse at them once… But I stayed away….
As for my “normal” food, I had steak, elk burgers, spaghetti squash with meat and mushrooms, some chicken (ugh) for my meals.  I had the breakfast bread every morning (I added raisins.. HEAVENLY).  And then I got gutsy.  I got a recipe for Pale0 Thin Mint Cookies… Just like the Girl Scout ones.  I’m not a HUGE thin mint fan, but I can eat one or two occasionally, so I thought this would be perfect for me.  I made a batch, about 14 cookies… I think I have had a secret gift that I’m an amazing baker, that I just didn’t know.  Ha, I’m kidding, but they were pretty awesome.  I have a request to bring some home for Easter.
EASTER…. Oh yes, it is this Sunday, and before I started this diet, I said that Easter would be my first cheat meal.  Yes, I said MEAL.. Not day… There are some things in life that one should not ever turn away, and one of them is my mom’s cooking/baking.  There was only one rule… I could eat whatever I wanted to at my parents house for dinner, BUT I COULD NOT bring anything home that wasn’t Paleo. My family was thrilled to hear this because I would have had some pissed off people if they had to eat everything “Paleo”.
My biggest concern is that I hope that I am disciplined enough to go straight back to the diet when I get home.  I hope that a bite of cheese or grains won’t set me into some mindset that I want to eat everything.  In fact, I kind of hope that it makes my allergies go out of whack so that way it will make me want to go back to eating Paleo.  I have never in my life felt so good being able to breath easily and not sneeze every minute of every day.
I’ve had people comment to me that they can tell I’m losing a lot of weight.  I don’t “see” a lot of weight gone based on the scale numbers. I can just now start to see it in the mirror… Cheekbones! Where have you been for so many months!
So, it’s 3 weeks down, and about 5 1/2 to go.  I pretty much see it as a 1/3 of the way to my goal date.  I’m pretty happy with how I look and I’m extremely happy with how I feel.  If it’s this good now, I can’t wait to see the difference 3 more weeks from now.
Until next week,
Kimberly Renoud
Emerge Fitness Training