Be Careful What you Wish For…

Before I had begun the Paleo diet,  I had decided that I would make Easter dinner my first (and hopefully only) cheat meal in 8 weeks.  Easter was soon approaching and I was getting anxious over getting “normal food.”  I decided to weigh in Sunday morning (I caved.. I bought a scale for home) and I was another pound down.  My clothes I had put on were looser than they had been weeks prior.  I was feeling good! Knowing that I would over indulge while I was at my parents, I kept my breakfast and “light lunch” just that, very light.  Just about 500 calories, but I ate every couple of hours.  I started hydrating immediately, because I knew my sodium intake was about to quadruple.
I got back to IL, and the first thing I got to try were jelly beans.  The Starburst kind, AND they are so clever that they make “Only reds” bags… This has always been my weakness.  I had maybe 2 servings and I was already over it.  The sugar burned my teeth. 
We didn’t end up eating until 3pm and by this time, I was starving.  I sat down and I am no kidding, I did not carry a conversation the entire meal unless it was to say “Pass me the…” or “I’ll take more of the….” And I didn’t stop eating.  I took down ham, green beans, corn, a layered salad, Mac n cheese, homemade applesauce… I cleared the plate… Then I did it all again… Two servings… Then mom mentioned dessert and I was all over that. A dessert consisting of angel food cake, strawberries, jello, pudding, ice cream, and cool whip… I don’t remember eating it.  I knew it was a huge piece. and I stuck my fork in it, then I looked up and it was gone.  EVERYTHING tasted AMAZING (sometimes I wish my mom was a horrible cook.. It would help with portion control if the food wasn’t good).
Two things I did differently: I stuck with unsweetened ice tea ALL day.  Normally, I love sweet tea, but I’m so used to unsweetened that I didn’t want to change.  Two: Mom didn’t make her famous sugar cookies. This saved me 500-600 calories (and tons of sugar).
By this time, and after raiding some more candy I had hit a sugar high.  I even told my mom if I had on some running shoes, I could easily go run a mile in a couple of minutes.  I was ready to go… I felt skiddish and antsy. 
By the time I returned back down to St. Charles, I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I felt tired and heavy.  I wasn’t really hungry, but I brought home enough leftovers for one small meal.  I literally had to shove it down because I refused to have any of it in my apartment today. I had no problem falling asleep.
I woke up at 4 am this morning itching and sneezing, and then my nose was running.  My head was congested and I was puffy.  I finally got up and moving at 7am and I looked in the mirror and my eyes were black, my face was so swollen.  All over I felt awful.  The best way I had explained it was that I felt hungover from the chest up.  My allergies were in full gear to take control of me.  I ended up having to take allergy meds. I got on the scale, and I was 4lbs up.  I literally felt like a walking sponge.
The more I moved around this morning, the more I realized my knees were killing me.  I looked down and my legs were so swollen you couldn’t see much of my knee caps! Seriously, this was all from going back to eat dairy and grains?
By the time I got to work, my throat was scratchy and I had no voice, and I was sneezing, a lot. I feel as if I have no energy to work out.  My coworkers even noticed I wasn’t looking “normal.”  My immediate response was “I’m never eating ‘normal’ again.” 
Taking one “meal” off has me wondering how on earth I used to be able to eat like this so often?  No wonder I would drag my feet at working out, so the days I didn’t want to work out because I was thinking it was my seasonal allergies making me sick.  It was the food I was eating the entire time! 
I have never been so thrilled to go back on this diet.  I’m not sure if it’s the diet or just the allergy meds, but the sneezing has stopped and I’m not congested anymore.  I’m still swollen.  I have dropped one pound of water, 3 to go. 
I’m taking in so much fluids, and consuming so much fiber just to get my body “detoxed.”  I’m going to try to get in some extra “sweat sessions” just to get rid of some of this salt and water.  I’m just happy that there aren’t any more holidays in the near future so I won’t be enticed to indulge.
I will blog again this week once I begin to feel more like my healthy self. 
Until next time,
Emerge Fitness Training…