8 weeks down and sprinting to the finish line

When I first thought about doing this diet, 60 days seemed like a very big challenge.  I started counting by the weeks, and it made 8 weeks seems so far away.  Today, I reached my 8 week mark, and I have 4 days left.  I’m not sure if I’m excited or scared about that.
Discipline is huge in the weight loss battle.  And you’re going to have temptations every day.  Someone is always going to want to go out to dinner, or have a drink, or there will be some kind of party, ball game, or BBQ.  It’s not going to be easy, and at times, its going to be really tough; but, it can be done.
Friday night, my parents came into town and they wanted to eat at Red Robin.  This is one of my favorite burger places. When I USED to go there, I would get a pretty basic gourmet burger with cheese on a wheat bun, and the endless fries, and I’d usually have a few onion rings as an appetizer.  I think my meal Friday night had fewer calories than the onion rings alone.  I had a bunless (and cheese-less) burger wrapped in lettuce.  Literally, it was a half a head of lettuce sitting over a plain burger.  I had a side of fruit.  My parents, who were eating burgers and fries looked over at me, and made a comment along the line of “that’s it?”  Yep mom & dad… This.is.it…  It was probably right at my caloric intake for a dinner for me, however, for the first time in my life, I left Red Robin still hungry. 
I was fully recharged Saturday morning when I woke up to see 2lbs down on the scale.  You get over the “I wish I had a real burger” pretty quickly.
That sums up my weekend. Whether it was the cookout or the movie theater, I had temptations, but when you know you don’t want it because you’d fail at the diet after 8 WEEKS, it’s easier to find a plan B.
I’m almost scared that my 60 day challenge is nearly over.  The blog has kept me very accountable on my actions.  I really hope to stick with this diet (after this weekend, and even then, I want 2 of my 3 meals to stay paleo). I have lost 10 lbs, and I FINALLY have a flat stomach… This is a first for me. Some people hold weight in their butt or thighs, others in their arms. I primarily hold it in my belly (thanks dad). I get my frame from him.  I noticed this weekend that my clothes do not fit right anymore, they are either comfortable, or just plain big on me.  Trying on last summer’s clothes is actually fun again.
I believe that my excitement over how I feel and how I look is trumping the fact that I can’t eat some foods I used to enjoy.  However, I do miss eating an actual burrito at Chipotle instead of the bowls.  And I was really craving pita chips and hummus the other day. So if I could keep things that simple and sporatically, I feel I would be ok.
It has been a learning experience the past 8 weeks.  And this time next week, I plan on getting back on track to see what my body can do over the summer…
By the way, I got my Vitamix last week.  I  made “Paleo Ice cream” over the weekend… VERY good… If you ever want recipes for the pancakes, ice cream, etc. Just let me know!
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