Thanksgiving is a busy time for everyone and it is only a week away! As hectic as your schedule may be, you should not neglect your workouts!
Emerge has altered the Boot Camp schedule for that week so you can get  a head start on calorie burning before you consume that, big Turkey Dinner.
Monday, Nov. 19th: Kimberly is having a 5:30 boot camp only. It will be set up for all fitness levels.
Tuesday, Nov. 20th: Adam has his regular 6am boot camp.
Wednesday, Nov. 21st: Kimberly has her regular 5:30 p.m. class
Thursday, Nov. 22nd: Both Adam’s 6am and Jason’s 5:30pm classes are cancelled, however Beth will be having an 8am Thanksgiving Boot Camp.
All classes are $11 each. If you have family/friends in town, invite them to come along! It’s a great opportunity for them to see what Emerge is all about!