My Favorite Client

I just took on a new client.
Shes tough.
She hardly ever listens to me, has endless energy, and my wife loves that I’m working with her.
She’s my 2 and half year old daughter, Charley.
Starting last Friday at 9, and for many Fridays to come, I will be training her for a half hour (or for as long as I can keep her attention for that day).
This is a chance for her to develop her basic human movement patterns, gross motor skills, balance, strength and coordination early.  It also allows me to hang out with one of my favorite people for a half hour at work.
In all seriousness, early training like this can be extremely beneficial.  For now we will not be working on any specific goal but working on what is called “multilateral” training, a system of generalized training designed to improve coordination and proprioceptive awareness… AKA, running, crawling, jumping, pushing and throwing balls, and balance exercises.  Basically, fun playground stuff with structure.
Charley’s first week’s training consisted of dot drills in two planes of motion, turf drills consisting of running, crawling, backpedaling, and shuffling.  Bar hangs were Charley’s favorite, but she also liked Bosu jumps and overhead med throws (with a growl and serious game face).
I will be updating Charley’s weekly training with video and pics, touching on the training rationale and process.  This should be a lot of fun and a learning experience!