Charley's Training Week 2


Our second week of training went great!
Charley got a lot of good work in but also had fun with her rest time (time in between exercises to swing on rings, explore new equipment, or annoy Nick Dudas in the office).
With the 15-25 minutes of attention span, the idea is the hit the ground running and phase out the intensity towards the end.
Charley started on the turf for two 20 yard runs. She transitioned into a shuffle for 40 yards, a backpedal for 20, and finished with a crawl for 20.
We next went to staggered dots and jumped from one to the next.  She jumped from the ground to a Bosu and off to the other side.
She performed bar hangs with leg lifts, and a couple TRX pikes.  She also showed me a really cool suspended corkscrew swing on the rings.
This is a good time to touch on a common topic of discussion for kids and fitness.
Is resistance training safe for children, and will it “stunt growth?”
The answer is YES it is safe, and smart resistance training WILL NOT stunt growth. A young athlete is FAR more likely to hurt themselves or damage growth plates throwing, falling, or just practicing their sport (especially at the intensity that today’s kids do, with repetitive motion at a very young age).
Eric Cressey, a national authority in strength and conditioning, recommends strength training with kids as soon as their attention span will allow it.  These kids will be much better prepared to handle the tremendous forces their bodies encounter when simply sprinting and throwing, and will help stave of injury when playing their game.
Matt Pirtle, MA CSCS
Emerge Fitness Training