This weeks training took a decidedly unorganized turn, with Charley basically running around EMERGE sampling her favorite exercises and equipment. At first, I tried to reel her in and direct this 2.5 year old to what I thought was the best course for her workout.
And then it came to me.  While I saw Charley take turns with Kathryn’s client going under a set of hurdles, then run “sideways” down the turf, then do hanging leg raises from the high pull-up bar, I realized that THIS is what training is all about, especially for a young athlete.
She was having fun, choosing exercises that were challenging AND developing the motor skills I spoke about in an earlier post. This “free play” time is important, and will become increasingly more important as Charley grows older and begins organized sporting activities.
Charley is developing positive associations with working out, athletics and healthy moving.
Young athletes can be driven so hard at a young age that they burn out both physically and mentally far before they hit their athletic potential. It’s a shame, because sports can do so many great things for a young athlete.
Keep sports fun, work hard, and enjoy the PROCESS.
Playing in the snow is a great way to exercise AND have fun at the same time….

Matt Pirtle MA CSCS
Emerge Fitness Training