Charley's Training; Not Just for a 2.5 Year Old!

Charley’s training continued the last two weeks with a more structured, but still fun and movement driven design. When training a small child, the workout has to be engaging and interesting enough to keep the attention of a client whose average attention span is about 3 seconds. The exercises are 99% basic human movement based. Running, crawling, throwing, jumping, balancing, and climbing are all represented.


Many think of these kinds of exercises as “child’s play”, and they are…if you watch children at play, they are basically working out and exercising using all of these functional movement patterns. ┬áSo, while an “adult” exercise like a bench press has its place for gaining strength, it has a far lower functional turnover into real-life movement.
Training like a kid may be the best kind of exercise a human can do. When you get better at these exercises, you get better at LIFE, including sports and everyday living.
I need to exercise like a kid more often.
Matt Pirtle MA CSCS