You”re drinking the wrong protein shake.”

“You”re taking the wrong vitamin. “
“You”re performing your exercises all wrong. “
These voices can be overwhelming.

These voices can keep you from starting something that will change your life.
Mute these voices….for a while.
The most important part of starting a fitness program is just getting started. Simply MOVING.  The decision to move is the catalyst to something bigger.
Very often, the voices that are telling you that fitness has to be EXACTLY one way can keep a person from even starting their journey.
Just start.
Join a gym. Hire a trainer. Start walking in the park. Exercise in your living room to a DVD.
Whatever it is, just start. You can worry about refining your fitness routine later. There is definitely the OPTIMAL way to do things, but this is the last 10%. The 90% comes from just moving your body.
Don”t let the worry of doing every single thing the “right” way at first. Most people don”t know what the right way is anyway, and it can stop you from doing something great.

Matt Pirtle MA CSCS