Take a Step Back…..And THINK About it.

Want to learn more about strength training? Look to the Russians for the answer! From strength training and kettlebells, to powerlifting, to olympic lifting, Russia and other notable Eastern European countries have long been ahead of the curve.
While America took a decidedly aerobic shift in their fitness emphasis in the 80’s, these countries continued to hammer out some of the best strength research, and improved technique followed.
One of the most fascinating aspects of Russian system is the emphasis on mental imagery before performing a lift. Imagining which muscles fire, in what order, with a certain speed helps the athlete actually perform the lift with better precision. This does require a base knowledge of functional anatomy, but taking the time to acquire this knowledge pays off in improvement in exercise technique.
They actually took this concept a step further and had their athletes DRAW precisely, on paper, what happens step by step with a given lift. The more connection, mentally, the athlete has to a movement, the better adherence the body will have to completing that lift correctly.
I’m considering adopting this strategy with all of my clients, for movements as simple as a chest fly, to complicated movements like the clean and jerk. Don’t forget your number 2’s, class is now in session…..