Winners quit.
They quit because they know training smarter is WAY better than training harder.
It takes nothing to beat somebody down with a workout.
When training, the art of program design is in developing a workout that brings the trainee far enough to force an adaptation (a change for the better) while stopping shy of creating bad movement patterns and compensatory “cheating.” When you train, you’re body is learning. Teach it bad movement, and it will remember.
Every workout should be designed to train a specific skill (with a specific group of muscles). When you design a workout only to kick someone’s butt, you have taken the specificity out of the workout and allowed “free reign” for any form of faulty recruitment pattern(using the wrong muscle to do something it wasn’t designed to do). This is a bad way to train. You are training your body to default to the same bad pattern later.
Most of the time, “digging deep” to get those last few exhausted and sloppy reps are doing nothing but hurting you. If those reps are not performed with precision, with full awareness of the movement taking place, then you are just burning a few extra calories while putting your body at an injury risk.
When you lose motor control of your body, the set is over. Flailing around to finish a set isn’t training, it’s uncontrolled random movement. So please, quit. Winners quit. Smart trainees quit.
Train HARD. Train to your threshold of CONTROLLED movement, and understand that “training” means more than beating your body into an injury prone, faulty moving machine.
Matt Pirtle MA CSCS