A Family Journey

Proud moments in the trainer world:
Last night I received text messages from 2 of my clients children. Emma and Riley Langston took their moms phone to tell me about how great they did on their mile run test at school! Previously both of them had attended the summer kids fitness program here at Emerge and trained a few sessions with their mom for fun.
Emma, 11, used to tell me she hated working out and would complain about having to run in P.E. class (she used to tell me she planned on walking the whole thing each time). She also said she “hated” working out. So to hear how she beat all the girls and 8 of 10 boys (19 total students) in the mile run is huge! She not only finished with a time of 9:30 but she is proud of it!
Riley, 7, who couldn’t be out done by his sister also texted to tell me that he finished his 1/2 mile test in 5:02. According to mom, Riley is already choosing the healthy lifestyle. At dinner he always asks her, “hey mom is this healthy for you?” If she says yes he will eat it. He wants to choose healthy food already at the age of 6!
Here is proof that a healthy lifestyle can be something a family does together! I hear stories from Andrea, their mom, of doing lunges and mountain climbers in the living room together!
Way to go guys!
Jess Baker MS, BS, ACSM CPT