Meet Emerge's Intern Ryne Seddon

Ryne is a senior at Lindenwood University with an expected graduation date of December 2013.   He will be graduating with a degree in the Exercise Science program.   Ryne is completing his 150 hour internship at Emerge during the fall 2013 semester.  His 150 hours will include performing assessments on potential Emerge Clients,  designing corrective exercise programs, and management of the front desk.   Part of his 150 hours he will be hosting a baseball clinic November 9th and 16th.  The clinic will be focused on shoulder mobility, functional strength, and Olympic lifts for baseball players.  We will be posting sign ups on our website and Facebook page by mid October.   We will have 20 spots to fill with all age ranges.
Ryne’s experience includes
Assistant baseball coach for the Stallions Baseball club (pitching coach)
Physical therapist aide for Excel Sports and Physical Therapy
Ryne Seddon