It all seems Impossible until it's Done!

My name is Erin I’m 25 and was born spina-bifida. I’ve spent most of my life struggling with this. Unfortunately, in my teen years I had an increased amount of nerve damage from multiple back surgeries. After the surgeries I lost almost all the muscle and feeling in both of my legs. The past 10 years or so I have had to use walking braces and dealt with all the frustration that goes along with them. While wearing the braces I became so dependent on them that my strength deceased greatly making walking nearly impossible without the braces. My doctor then prescribed me walking crutches, I held onto the script for months telling myself I was not ready for that and felt as it was saying there was no hope that I would ever get better just worse as most doctors had told me. So one day while I was shopping for shoes, which might be one of the most frustrating things for a girl wearing big plastic braces, I came across Emerge. I didn’t think much about working out I would join gyms and go a few weeks and get frustrated very quickly and give up. I made an appointment with Jess Baker and was pretty nervous that it was going to be a waste of time and money just like the other things I had tried. Walking somewhat “normal” was what I was hoping to gain since it was something I have so desperately wanted for so long. After my first session with Jess I began to believe that it might actually be possible. She was excited to work with me and help my dream become a reality, which I had never had anyone believe it was possible, including me. After the first session I realized the little muscle I had could actually work, unfortunately I realized this cause I couldn’t move for a few days. I have spent the past eight months striving to make my dreams come true. All thanks to Jess I have done things I never thought would be possible. She encourages and pushes me to do my best which is what I greatly needed. She has made me reach goals that I was never expecting to reach. There has been many times were I have thought that I couldn’t do it and slacked off some but Jess is always there making sure I don’t just give up. I made myself a goal in February that I was going to decrease my dependence on my braces or not need them at all in two years. Well thanks to Jess I am no longer dependent on my braces and succeeded my expectations by accomplishing this in only five months! I want to brag about a few other accomplishments I have made from training with Jess: for the first time in over five years I can curl my toes in my right foot; I have gained a lot of feeling back in my right foot and my legs (never thought I would be happy about shoes hurting); and I CAN JUMP! (this is my favorite because my four year old son has always tried to teach me and is very excited that I can now). My balance my not be the best yet and I still do have my frustrating moments but I know that things will get easier. I know Jess will always do her best to help me reach new goals. Jess is an awesome trainer and I strongly believe that this would never be possible without her and Emerge. Jess has changed my life and I am so thankful for that!
-Erin Neary